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Transponder Keys

Transponder keys were introduced in 1995. The word transponder is short for transmitter and responder. They were introduced to improve  vehicle security. A transponder key has a microchip in the plastic part of the key. This key sends a signal to turn off the immobiliser and start the car if it is programmed with the correct serial number for the vehicle.

A transponder key,  if not programmed can turn the engine over but not start the car.

All modern cars have transponder chips embedded in the key or remote control. Its always best to have a spare if your car needs a transponder key or remote control to start your vehicle.

Car keys with chips can be programmed using special programmers.

The vehicle locksmith company can make replacement transponder keys and remote controls for many makes and models. If you need a replacement key and you are in Essex London Kent and Hertfordshire then we can help.


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