Tips on How to Find Lost Car Keys

Keep Calm. Sometimes you get too stressed when searching for something, and you need to calm down to help you find the item.

Put it in context. What were you doing when you last had the item? Where were you going?

Check where the item should be first every time. If always put your keys by the door, look by the door first.

Clean up. Sometimes the easiest way to find an object is to start cleaning away the clutter.

Be systematic. If you’re certain you’ve lost an item in a certain room, divide it into sections.

Check places you would not expect to find them. Sometimes, you may put your keys an odd place without realizing it i.e. in the freezer

Look thoroughly. If you are in a rush sometimes your eye will dart over an area where you think the item can’t be.

Look in obvious places. Don’t forget to check the pockets for the item. Look in your coat, your pants, and your purse or briefcase.

Retrace your steps. This will help you remember where the item is or actually find the item.

Look in the same place. If you have lost your keys before look in the place you found it last time, as it may have ended up there again.

Call any place you have been. If you can’t physically get in the car and drive to them, call the places you’ve been today.


If these tips don’t work and you think your car keys are completely lost then call The Vehicle Locksmith Company on 07963635473 for same day replacement.

When you get through to our locksmith he will ask you the make and model of your vehicle, the year and the area you live in. We can be with you within the hour in many cases.

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