“I recently slammed the door to my C Class Mercedes while inside and unfortunately dropped my keys at the same time. My keys got slammed in the door jam  pressing the lock button and to my horror locking me in the car. Luckily I had my mobile and phoned the RAC. A patrol man came and after some time of working to try to open my Mercedes had to give up. I then phoned Mercedes assist who also could not get me in. By this time I was getting quite distressed. It was a hot day and the car was getting very hot. I decided to search the internet for a vehicle locksmith and came across Joe. What a star – he came to me within 15 minutes and had the car open in 5 minutes. The whole ordeal took two and a half hours! I gave Joe a big hug who was not impressed as I was drenched in sweat! If only I had called him in the first place.”

J Patel


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