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Our Auto Locksmith Services Include:

  • Removing foreign objects lodged in your cylinder
  • Repairing inoperable keys/locks
  • Replacing lost or stolen keys
  • Making duplicates of broken keys
  • Replacing automotive locks
  • Opening locked vehicles
  • Manufacturing keys (i.e., creating new keys)
  • Replacing lost keys such as transponder keys and smart keys
  • Creating high security keys by code
  • Re-keying car locks
  • Ignition re-keying
  • Making Transponder Keys
  • Making keys by Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Dealer keys and remotes
  • Programming or adding remotes
  • 24 hour emergency services

Tips regarding vehicle security:

  1. Always double-check that your vehicle is locked  – thieves are known to target specific vehicles and use jamming devices to block the lock signal from the owner’s remote control
  2. Use a locked garage if you’ve got one at home and, elsewhere, choose well-lit areas and areas covered by CCTV
  3. Ask your insurer for advice – additional security measures might be required as a condition of cover.

Key theft remains a problem and there are many different ways of obtaining car keys, though at least one-in-five cases involves domestic burglary – snatch the keys from the house and take the car from the drive. In 2011 more than 19,000 cars were stolen in this way.

Your own personal safety is more important than property – don’t leave keys on display in the hall where they can be seen or easily reached from the front door but, on the other hand, don’t be tempted to take keys up to bed with you. Many thieves won’t think twice if you stand – or lie – between them and the keys to the car they want.

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