Replacing Modern Audi Keys

Getting  a new remote control key for you Audi if all your keys are lost can be a bit of a problem as all vehicles from reg plate 53 due to needing a pre programmed dealer key. You could ring several locksmith companies who will tell you they cannot help and will tell you to go to your main dealer as they do not have the relevant machinery. This would obviously be a lot of hassle if you cannot drive your car to the dealer and would need to get it towed or transported. However if you contact an experienced and established locksmith company they may have the correct specialist equipment to solve your keyless problem for example an Abritus machine. This type of equipment reads 7 bites of information from the vehicle memory and pre programmes a dealer key can then be added to the cars key count.

The vehicle locksmith company has this equipment to replace you Audi key remote at the roadside in Essex London Kent  and Hertfordshire. Yes we can come to you to programme your Audi with our up to date specialist equipment.

This will cost you approx £180 for this service but call the locksmith directly on 07963635473 for an exact quote.

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