Keys Locked in Your Car

How frustrating can it be if you lock your keys in your vehicle. Its always when you are in a rush to need to be some where.locked-out

The best solution is to always have at least one spare ideally two. One at home and the other on your person.

There are many websites that give you tips to open up your car. However try these out with caution as some of these techniques could damage your vehicle or lock and make the situation worse. Our trained locksmiths will open your car or van without causing any damage what so ever.

Many people buy a car with only one remote or key and say I must get a spare but never get round to obtaining one or two until its too late and you can gain access to your car or van.

Although this can be a very frustrating situation the Auto-Car Locksmith can solve your problem quickly. Ring the locksmith and tell him you need him urgently and he will make you a priority case and in many cases can be with you within the hour. Also don’t forget to ask for a spare if you don’t have one!

We work in the Essex and London areas for emergency open ups. Call us anytime on 07963635473


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