Jammed Ignitions in the Hot Weather

We have been having great weather this summer and recently really hot temperatures. This is nice but can cause problems with your vehicle if your ignition for wearing and worn. Talk to your mate down the pub about your ignition problem and he will tell you to drill the ignition out.

TIP …. Do not take advise like this!  This will cost you several hundred pounds to put right. Over the years we have experienced customers that have done this and it causes a lot of work for the auto locksmith and thus puts the costs up to put right.

If you find that your ignition is jamming more than normal call us straight away. We will take your ignition out and service it. If you leave it, the problem will get worse and you will more than likely need your ignition replaced. You could also end up breaking your key in the ignition which would be an added problem for you.

To service your ignition normally costs around £120 and to replace the ignition will usually cost from £200 upwards.

This problem is very common with Vauxhall Vehicles but all vehicles are susceptible to this problem.

So don’t delay getting your ignition sorted out. Call the vehicle locksmith on 07963635473 who will give you advise and a genuine quote. He will then come to you in Essex London or Kent at your home work place or wherever you need us.

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