Helping our customers with security codes

One of our customers recently lost their key for her newly purchased Vauxhall Astra J.  She was told by a main Vauxhall dealer that they would not give her a new key or any security information without a log book which she did not have as she had only recently purchased the car. She also rang several car locksmith companies who could not help her due to not having the correct equipment to help. 

She finally contacted us and after checking her ID and confirmed she was the owner we were able to extract her security code and key number to make a new key. In this situation we do not charge any extra for retrieving the code as we consider this part of our service.

We can provide this service for most makes of cars including Peugeot, Renault,  Fiat 500 and the new Ford KA as we have new equipment and software to retrieve codes and make new keys, remotes and key cards.

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