Ford Key Replacement

All Ford remote controls and keys have had a transponder chip since 1994. A transponder chip is embedded in the head of the key. This chip deactivates the Gear knob and keysimmobiliser and starts the car.

If you need a new remote for your Ford car we have all the latest equipment to programme transponder keys and remotes onto your vehicle if you have lost your Ford keys or they have been stolen or damaged.

We are much cheaper than the Ford Main Dealer and you will get replacement keys the same day which is very unlikely if you go down the main dealer route.

Tibbe Keys

These keys have been used by Fords since the early 1990s and used up to 2008.  Jaguar has also used these types of keys.

The vehicle locksmith can replace Tibbe keys for all makes and models.

These keys do ware and quite often need changing including the ignition barrel in some cases. These jobs are straight forward  and not expensive.

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