Car Security

When parking your car at night always find a well lit secure car park. Secure car parks usually have CCTV too. Make sure the VIN number is etched on your windscreen. Thieves will be more reluctant to steal your vehicle if they see this. Make sure you do not leave any belongings in your vehicle. This will stop opportunists and will go past your vehicle if they think there is no value in the car. Double check your car is locked every time. If you get distracted while you are walking away from your vehicle it is very easy to forget.

Keep your keys safe – Do not hang your keys near the front door in your home. Thieves can steal your keys by using a tool through your letter box. Also if your home is broken into the thief will easily see the keys and steal your vehicle.

If your keys are stolen immediately call us so we can replace them and wipe your old keys so they will not work.

Catalytic converter theft is getting more common and it is easier to steal one if the car is a 4 x 4. You can purchase a lock to protect it.

Another idea to add to your vehicle security is to consider fitting a tracking system.

If you do fit extra security to your vehicle i.e electronic alarm and immobiliser, wheel locking devices or any other devises always tell your insurance. It may bring the cost down.

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