Broken Car Key

If you have broken your car key call an Auto Locksmith. Beware of DIY fixes.

If you have broken your vehicle key you might get suggestions  from the internet or friends to fix it by using super glue. This is the worst possible thing you can do as once the two parts are stuck together  when you insert the key in the ignition the broken piece will break off straight away meaning the ignition will have to be removed. Also if any of the glue touches any internal parts of the barrel it will probably have to be replaced and this would at least double the cost with an auto locksmith.

The internal parts of an ignition are very easily damaged so no inappropriate tools should be used if you have a broken key left in your ignition. The tools used to extract a broken key are very specialised and available only to the auto locksmith trade. Call an auto locksmith by using the search term “auto locksmith near me” before you try any alternative methods and have a new key made.

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